We recently did an interview with Uplive’s Mainland China host, the charming “Lolita”. Let’s bring you on the storyline of she become a Uplive host with million annual income at such a young age.


After graduating from nursing school, she followed her family’s arrangement and chose a stable career path her parents thought is best suitable for girls - She became an ordinary nurse. Every day, she was bored and tired as the work of nursing patients was simple yet busy.

How many possibility is there in life?

Until one day, she finally grown sick and can’t stand this type of work and lifestyle.

She’s still youthful, so why not go explore the outside world? Meet more people, experience an extraordinary life, drink the most intense wine, watch the most beautiful scenery, enjoy a passion relationship and live her life to the fullest without regrets.

As she said:

In this life, as long as I’ve worked hard, I will not regret anything. What I’m most afraid of, is that nothing happens in my life.

Saw the most magnificent milk wave over the island of Yurmo in Finland, climbed to the highest Mount Everest, enjoyed the most shining night view of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, riding on the California Highway No.1…If I’ve done all those, then I can truly say I’ve lived enough.

That’s when she decided to quit her job at the hospital and relive her childhood dreams – Dancing.

She said: There are plenty of possibility and uncertainty in life, I wanna see how far I can spread my wings and fly to.

Be the best self, live up to the support of fans

In March 2017, Lolita joined Uplive. She was still ignorant when she first started to interact with the idea of live streaming. She followed the footsteps of others and did exactly as she was told. After familiarizing with Uplive, Lolita also realized the fun of live broadcasts.

With her strong talent and undefeatable personality of a Leo character, followed with her attractive figure and charming voice, she has won the love and attention of many fans.

This surprises Lolita, who is new to the world of live streaming. With the love and support from everyone, she is always touched on the verge of tears.

She said that most of her achievements til this day are thanks to her loving fans. "Without their support, it would be difficult to reach where I am today. The only thing I can do for live streaming is to constantly improve myself, strive to be better and live up to everyone's support."

Of course, there are no free meals in life.  Despite the glamorous and easy lifestyle, even as popular as Lolita , there are difficulties with the experience of live streaming. "Everyone has passed the freshness of when I first started. I was very confused and didn’t know how to position myself, nor can I decide what to broadcast."

Fortunately, after receiving her first million dollar paycheck in life, Lolita calmed down, allowing her to reflect on her own shortcomings and adjust her mentality in time. "I may not be Uplive's prettiest, slimiest or best singer, but I am a combination of the three, which is exactly my advantage.”

As for fans that have been guarding and supporting  Lolita , they have slowly become part of her family. "Before the live broadcast was just fun and work for me, now it has become a habit. While my fans are like my family as we see each other almost every day.”


With an annual income of 800w, what is money to you?

Lastly, we discussed the popular topic of money with  Lolita . According to her, she describes that money to a girl is:

When you don’t have to worry about the price when you shop; when you are in a bad mood, you can feel free to be willful without having to care for others’ judgment;

It’s true that in a fast-paced metropolitan city that you feel the most secure with a wallet full of cash, then you can go achieve your goals and dreams.

Sure, if the mentality of knowledge comes from books and experiencing the world is too idealistic for you, then earning money can be counted as a process of self-improvement: you can have a further social reach, learn more knowledge, and experience more circumstances…

When these factors are occupying your life and overwhelmed you, you will eventually find out during the enrichment that: Buy it as you like, leave as you please, and working to your fullest will be the best version of yourself.

Hey girls, are you tempted to try? If you are talented and wanted a chance to experience change, then we welcome to join Uplive, as here we are:

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In short, this is a live broadcast platform that allows you to earn money happily. Through hard work, you can also become million dollar host! After all, girls don’t necessarily have to be the strongest women in their careers, but they must be financially independent. Even if you are hurt, you will have the ability to heal your own wounds. Otherwise, you can only buy two bottles of beer and cry on the side of the road. If you work hard and make money, you put on a face mask while enjoying the beautiful mountain and hot springs; you can go to the romantic Turkey, Tokyo, Paris or anywhere you ever dreamed of and do whatever your heart desires.

So girls, let’s earn good money. After all, we all know things we love are expensive, places we wanted to go are far, people we love are perfect; even after marriage, you have to maintain economically independent, because with money, you‘ll have confidence; with the ability to make money, your future is yours to control.

Girls, Uplive wishes you with wealth and blessings. In the movie “Paradise Cinema”, there’s a saying that goes: “If you don’t go out and see the world, you’ll thought this is all the world has to offer”. Youth is your biggest asset, gain a hobby, explore life, the world is all yours to experience and enjoy. We hope that you gain all they you get, and let go of all that you missed, always full of passion and hope, and therefore inspire the world.