No matter live or game streams, the current main revenue method is through users gifting hosts. Uplive, as the top player of overseas live streaming platform, actively creates a high quality gift system in order to provide the best gifting experience to both hosts and users.

A) Support and spread the love on another level

As we all know, gift and props animation is a significant element in balancing the quality of a live streaming platform, since gifting is the main way for users to express their support for hosts. However, distinct from gifts that simply glide through the screen, With Uplive’s strong technological foundation, elite product design team, Asia Innovations Limited (AIG)’s rich overseas resources and long term mobile internet experiences, Uplive is innovatively inspired by game development ideas, thus exclusively developed textural and expressive gift and prop animations. These effects can last up to 30 seconds and convert 5 shots, bringing an exciting new gifting experience for users and hosts.

B) Advance gifting – facial recognition

In addition to static gifts, animated special effects gifts have been loved by increasing amount of users as the astonishing animations are able to create different atmospheres and themes within live streams. Facial recognition is an animation effect that implements advance technology, which Uplive’s development is leading within the industry. All animated special effect gifts can accurately capture hosts’ rich facial expressions, such as sunglasses, cat ears…transforming the hosts’ style in seconds, surprising users continuously.


C) Spam the love extravagantly!

Similar to how fans will help idols advertise and promote on Time Squares, users desire to express their love and support to hosts in an extravagant way. Therefore, Uplive exclusively introduces variety of gift series, for example fantasy series with pink and purple themes; emotion series to express users’ feelings, regional series to present locations and landmarks; mysterious series with blue and purple palette…In addition, reason of gifting varies in different regions. For instance, in the US, users usually gifts as tips for the host’s talent and performance. While in the Middle East, gifts carry certain charitable meaning, which users from wealthier regions will donate to hosts from less wealthy regions. According to regional cultural differences, Uplive includes relative considerations when designing products, showing localized elements during the process.

D) Displaying love through gifting

Within this virtual world and presented with hosts’ entertaining performances, gifting serves as a reward and encouragement. Simultaneously, users can gain a sense of belonging and satisfaction of self worth through gifting and interacting with hosts. Since gifting is considered the platform’s key to profitability and long term development, Uplive has already concentrated their focus on high-paying regions such as Japan, Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Uplive has incorporated local ideology, strengthen localized operations and has successfully understood users’ demands, thus becoming the top 1 local video chat social platform. Along with the attention of abundant high ARPU users, Uplive has launched the most extensive gift system, with gifts ranging from 10 uDiamonds to 500000+ uDiamonds, satisfying all users’ needs.


E) Customize your own gifts!

Similar to expressing emotions in reality, gifting in live streams also requires personalized customization. Users can choose different creative gift packages according to their own preferences. In the future, Uplive will offer gift customization function, allowing you to have more unique expressions.

Under the encirclement of online influencer economy and sharing economy, "live streaming" has undoubtedly became the new flow of capital and leading aspect that the Internet economy encourages. Gifting function has thus become the main profit source of live streaming platforms. As a product under Asia Innovations Group Limited(AIG), Uplive aim to achieve as the “global largest entertainment video social platform”.

Uplive has gradually formed its platform’s core competitiveness. Since 2017, the platform has reached hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and has the world's largest network of host resources of over 100,000. Uplive is confident to extend and operate innovative social entertainment products and business models globally.