Asia Innovations Group (AIG), a global mobile internet company, has announced today the acquisition of the Vietnamese online video company BIG CAT Entertainment for an undisclosed amount.

BIG CAT found its success creating YouTube, social media, and viral-friendly video content for the Southeast Asian audience.

The company has built the largest online video network in Southeast Asia, amassing over 2.3 million subscribers and over 1 billion views.

For example, its most popular video on its YouTube channel Ghien Mi Go has nearly 50 million views; the next seventeen most popular videos all crossed the 5 million view mark.

Its other two notable channels, FapTV and Phim cap 3, boast similar statistics.

“In BIG CAT, we saw a unique combination of creativity and metrics that drove their rocketing growth. In essence, BIG CAT has ‘productised’ creating hit online videos. This ability is a natural fit with AIG’s deep product and business portfolio,” said AIG Co-founder Andy Tian in a statement.