HONG KONG, July 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ever since the landing of Hong Kong's currently largest live streaming brand - Uplive, the response has been overwhelming. The number of users has been rising remarkably to an unbelievable 60 thousand and the number of hosts has even jumped up to 2 thousand, providing unique and entertaining experiences to 50 million users from Hong Kong and beyond.


To celebrate the outstanding achievements, Uplive hosted a Catwalk Show Party

To celebrate the outstanding achievements, Uplive hosted the 2nd Year Anniversary Party at the D2 Place on 13th July, 2018. Themed "The Candyland", it implies to our hosts' sweetness and vibrancy. Multiple of our star hosts will wear our specially designed costumes to a runway stage, leading the live streaming community to support local culture.


Uplive themed “The Candyland” which implies to the hosts’ sweetness and vibrancy

Bold move! Young designers in charge of designing runway costumes

This year's Uplive anniversary party is themed "The Candyland" to symbolize the sweet and energetic hosts. To make the event more remarkable, we invited Polytechnic University's fashion and textiles students to design our party wear. "To fit the theme, costumes utilized different kinds of candies, like cotton candies, candy canes, bubblegums, candy machines. Props are also used to perfectionate the performance," said the students. Likewise, color choice of the costumes has adopted bright tints to aid set the perfect atmosphere for the theme.

Apart from the luscious theme, there's also the youngsters favored creative brand "Tenfingers Workshop" supplying accessories. The brand aims to promote retro style of art as their means to design. They wish to take this opportunity to increase the recognition of local art by things that the audience / customers are familiar of.

In this event, numerous of our popular hosts wear "Tenfingers Workshop" retro food accessories. For example icicles, egg tarts, maltose, spring field pizza to resonate with the theme.

Uplive always aims to support mundane individuals to achieve their dreams. Once you join the platform, you can attract fans using your talent and charisma and forge your own path to success.

The models of the Candyland Runway consist of pilot, nurse, personal trainer, actors and professional models, etc. They all started from the bottom, and are making famous utilizing their talents in Uplive and fulfilling their dreams.

Uplive Introduction

Uplive is Hong Kong's largest live streaming brand. Landed in June, 2016. Currently the fastest growing platform in the industry. With up to 60 thousand hosts located all around the world under the platfor, it provides unique entertainment experience to 60 million of users worldwide. Uplive is equipped with a virtual rewarding system,, interactive games and real-time translation system. Allowing users all around the world to break language barriers and give a gift to their favorite hosts.

Uplive application:

Uplive: https://app.adjust.com/xolhzo9_njftu2f?campaign=pr

Asia Innovations Group Limited Introduction

Asia innovations group limited, established in 2013, founded by former Zynga Manager in Chinese region and former Tencent ex manager in strategies department. The group currently has 12 offices in Beijing, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, Casablanca, Tokyo, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, America etc. The group aims to innovate online entertainment, and construct a new generation of internet enterprises.