DULUTH, Minn. – One singer based in the Northland recently won an international competition through an app called Uplive, which is a broadcasting streaming app.

It isn’t only Etta James who’s saying “At Last.”

After a long journey, Duluth resident Zandra Tan who is also known by her stage name “Zandystorm” has finally, “at last,” won the first annual Singing for the World competition through the broadcasting streaming app Uplive.

“To the number one winner Zandy Storm, I’m privileged to be speaking with you and letting you know how proud I am of you,” said Paula Abdul to Zandra.

Zandra started her singing journey when she was in the Philippines. She spent time singing and dancing, and Zandy ended up participating in competitions like Philippine Idol, Pinoy Pop Superstar, and Pinoy Idol.

“This time around I’m going to give myself a chance and this change is actually so big that it’s hard to explain, it’s overwhelming like wow,” she said.

Zandra decided to participate in the Uplive competition with the support of her family and friends.

She sang every day for a month to get the attention of the competition judges.

Users on Uplive give virtual gifts to singers, which can turn into money for the participants.

The event itself brought over 4,000 other competitors who broadcasted their singing skills.

Paula Abdul announced Zandra’s win on the show and Zandra says she’s going to keep working hard to get to bigger and better places.

“This is my dream,” she said. “That’s what I told Paula that this is my dream. No one can stop me from this. I will keep pushing. I will get there. It worked out for me and this is my dream.”

Users from the Philippines and the United States were Zandra’s main support.

Zandra along with the other winner Lawrence Leeway split the $10,000 cash prize and Zandra will also get a national recording contract through iHeartMedia.